Long Exposure Photography Tips by Jared Lawson

Landscape photography is a diverse field, the development of HDR, photostacking techniques and the advancement of Photoshop's abilities have created a new field of photography.  However, one key technique that cannot be simulated in Photoshop - the technique that must be accomplished in the field is the use of long exposure photography.  Photographers of all levels can learn how to use long exposure, read on through this article to learn the principals and techniques to master this technique.

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Photography Tips: Long Exposure and Piers by Jared Lawson

Photography tips are plentiful among the web - many photographers today are self taught through YouTube, Google and the outreach of blogs and social media.  This article aims to help photographers wondering how to effectively achieve long exposure shots with one single exposure.  The goal is to maintain one static component of your image while blurring the rest through filters, not Photoshop.  The result of filters will be a cleaner, crisper, more natural long exposure image.  This article focuses on two compositions I shot while walking around Dubrovnik, Croatia.  

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Florence Photography Tips by Jared Lawson

Capturing the essence of Florence, Italy through photography can be a challenge, but taking a few travel tips in mind along with a bit of planning you can come away with beautiful images that capture the culture of Italy.  The piece I love most about Florence is the culture.  The history of this city is everywhere -- the arts, food, shopping, architecture and nightlife all seems to capture the culture of Italy.  If you are looking for photography tips while traveling through Florence, Italy - continue reading. 

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Perugia Photography by Jared Lawson

One of the highlights of traveling through Tuscany is the opportunity to explore and photograph the towns along the way.  Perugia is one of the lesser visited towns in Tuscany, typically passed over by tourists and photographers.  I found my way to Perugia because I wanted the unique experience of staying in a former castle and booked two nights at Castello di Monterone.  During my stay in Perugia I made sure to intermix travel and landscape photography along the way. 

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Photography & Tuscany by Jared Lawson

Tuscany has long been viewed as one of the most popular destinations for landscape photographers.  During the late spring and early summer travel photographers flock to this area to explore the winding roads and beautiful views.  I had put off this trip for several years in lieu of other destinations including Iceland and Canada.  Finally I made my way through the region of Tuscany to fully explore the landscape photography opportunities.  My opinion is clear - Tuscany is worth it in every way.  These pictures from Tuscany are a part of my Italy Art Gallery presentation which is also viewed on my regular portfolio website.  I rank Tuscany in my Top 5 destinations for photographers, and a definitive must add to every bucket list.  This article explores some of my favorite photographs of Tuscany with tips for traveling through this region.  

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Comparing Sunflower Photography Compositions by Jared Lawson

Photographing nature and flowers can be extremely rewarding yet challenging for photographers of all levels.  The number one thing to remember with shooting all formats and styles of photography is to remember there is no wrong way to do it.  Photography is an art - within that art lies composition.  Each photographer has their own style and creative touches - but where we can go wrong is to constantly focus our photography on outside influences opposed to your own style.  Recently in Italy I explored several sunflower fields to practice my nature photography - coming away with two examples of composing sunflowers.  Both of these photographs are a part of my Italy Art Gallery presentation featured on my portfolio website.  This is not a vote to compare which photo is better, rather to explore two different styles I used to photograph these sunflowers.  


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Photography & Sunflowers by Jared Lawson

As a landscape photographer I am always looking for new content, traveling across the United States, Canada and Iceland seeking new photography locations and inspiration.  I have never been a big nature photographer until I was able to spend some quality time exploring Tuscany, Italy.  Headed to Italy I knew there would be sunflower opportunities - but once there, I had to refine my nature skills and shoot for the best sunflower photos possible.  The two photos pictured below are a part of my Italy Art Gallery and are featured on my photography site.  

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New Kickstarter Project by Jared Lawson

Have you ever looked into Kickstarter?  This interesting website allows for anyone to create their own project and utilize the web to draw investors.  I recently created a new Kickstarter project I would love all of my readers to take a look at:

"Walking Within A Dream" - Kickstarter Project

The short version of this project is this is a photobook professional designed to display the highest quality landscape images from Europe - including Croatia, Italy, France, Austria and Switzerland.

Sample rewards for investing in this project - high quality metal photography print

Sample rewards for investing in this project - high quality metal photography print

Why Should You Back This Project?

The goal of this project is to create a book of these travels to document the landscapes and culture the way I see it. By supporting this project you are supporting the first steps in remembering this beautiful world. As I reached 30 years old, my memory began to fade rather quickly. While many people have the ability to recall the finest details of the most important and beautiful moments of their lives, the smells, the sounds, the feelings, and something as simple as the location… I do not.

This turning point in my life transformed photography from a focus of people, life and culture to a focus of documenting the details and experiences in my life I would otherwise forget. The focus of this photobook is to take only the highest quality, limited edition prints from my travels through Europe to present a vivid, inspiring gallery of images into a collection.  My photography has been internationally published and displayed in galleries in the United States.  My current theme "Undiscovered California" is currently on display in a gallery in Sacramento, CA.

This photobook is a rare opportunity to become invested in over twenty pieces of previously unpublished photographs that will become a part of future presentations.  The funds raised will go directly into the design and printing of this photobook and it's distribution.  Investing $150 will also give you a copy of the photobook for your own piece of Europe to display in your home.

The rewards are pretty cool for investing --

$10: Postcard + Personalized Thank You Card

$30: 5x7 Premium Photo + Postcard + Personalized Thank You Card

$50: 8x10 Premium Photo + Listed in Photobook + 5 Postcards + Personalized Thank You Card

$150:  8x10 Premium Photo + One Copy of the Photobook +Listed in Photobook + 10 Postcards + Personalized Thank You Card

$250:  12x18 ready to hang metal print + One Copy of the Photobook +Listed in Photobook + 10 Postcards + Personalized Thank You Card

$500:  20x30 ready to hang metal print + One Copy of the Photobook +Listed in Photobook + 10 Postcards + Personalized Thank You Card

$1,000: 24x36 ready to hang metal print + One Hour Photography Online Tutorial + One Copy of the Photobook +Listed in Photobook + 10 Postcards + Personalized Thank You Card


Even if you don't want to back my project, head over and check it out -- let me know what you think!  This has been a very important year for my photography and this project is the beginning of a new transition - any feedback is much appreciated!

Essential Questions Every Photographer Should Ask His Bride by Jared Lawson

In today’s day and age with wedding photography brides seem to want Cadillac expectations on a Ford Pinto budget.  You can’t blame the brides – but you can blame the explosion of amateur photographers who label themselves “professionals” and charge rock bottom prices for shoot/burn wedding pictures.  When brides are looking for a prospective wedding photographer an interview is standard.  She will want to see your experience, ask questions about your rates, negotiate aspects into the contract, and in the end may just be tire kicking for prices.  However, photographers must also know this is the time to be interviewing your bride as a potential client at the same time.  The first rule of wedding photography is: Do NOT take every bride as a client.  To protect yourself and your photography business, and for the wishes of the bride – you need to ask several questions to make sure yourself as the photographer and the bride (and groom) are a good match.  This article covers the essential questions every photographer should ask his bride. 

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Photography Behind the Lens: Switzerland by Jared Lawson

This blog's purpose is to help provide tips, tutorials and often a look behind the lens at different photos from my travels to help you improve your travel and landscape photography.  This article focuses on a classic Switzerland scene - going from my planning for this picture to the final result shown below.  This article is a part of my "Behind the Lens" series helping you understand camera details and equipment used behind these pictures.  

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10 Essential Questions Every Bride Should Ask Her Photographer by Jared Lawson

Choosing a wedding photographer should be treated like a job interview, not simply comparing rates.  Brides who are wedding planning should go into each interview with a potential photographer with questions that will help separate and narrow your list of photographers and help you make one of the most important and stressful decisions of planning your wedding.  While planning your wedding you want to ask questions to be prepared, but you don’t want to be a bridezilla before the wedding even begins.  Aside from the basic questions including the photographers experience and a sample of their previous work, this article covers 10 essential questions every bride should ask her photographer.   

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Iceland: Photography & Travel by Jared Lawson

Iceland is home to some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world.  Travel photography and Iceland go together hand in hand.  Photographers looking for new landscape inspiration full of waterfalls and wide open landscapes should take a long look at taking advantage of Iceland's long summer days.  The highlights of Iceland include some of the world's most beautiful waterfalls and relatively small amounts of tourists (compared to Europe).  If you want to see examples of Iceland's Waterfalls in Pictures follow the link provided.  Read on for more reasons to consider Iceland for your next photography trip.  

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Photography Tips for Sunset Pictures by Jared Lawson

Sunset photography can be tricky if you aren't prepared before heading out to your desired landscape location.  This article covers my photography tips for sunset pictures, covering what you need to including the proper equipment, camera settings and tips for behind the lens.  

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6 Examples of Winter Bison Pictures by Jared Lawson

Yellowstone in the winter is one of the most inspiring winter landscapes I have ever encountered.  Aside from Greenland, Yellowstone is my favorite location to travel for pictures if you are looking for amazing winter photos.  This compilation of winter photos highlights my winter bison pictures in Yellowstone National Park.  Capturing photos of wildlife in the park require patience, a bit of adventure and the willingness to ride snowmobiles in the cold.  All photos were taken by myself, Jared Lawson Photography.  

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Big Sur Landscape Photography: Behind the Lens by Jared Lawson

Big Sur, California is one of my favorite locations in Northern California.  It offers photographers breathtaking views along Highway 1, rocky seascapes and of course the famous McWay Falls.  One of my favorite all time photos comes from McWay Falls during the golden hour near sunset.  This article covers my work behind the lens capturing this photograph.  The three tips behind the lens on this photo cover: (1) Lighting, (2) Equipment, and (3) Camera Settings.

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5 Amazing Waterfalls from Iceland by Jared Lawson

Iceland is said to be the land of 1,000 waterfalls, and rightly so.  It has developed as one of the hottest tourist destinations for photographers and adventurers looking for something different.  I traveled to Iceland not sure what to expect - a bit of culture, a bit of unknown - and maybe a bit of adventure.  It exceeded expectations on every level.  This article highlights my Top 5 of Iceland's famous waterfalls and the epic landscape photos from them. I did take all of these photos and take 100% photo credit.  

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Starting A Photography Business: Part II by Jared Lawson

Starting a photography business is more than just filling out your local permits and creating a Facebook page, it requires a combination of photographic skill - marketing - and persistence.  This article takes off from the previous article covering how to start your business and takes you to the next step covering your initial steps towards a successful marketing campaign and driving new business.  

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Starting A Photography Business: Part I by Jared Lawson

Starting a photography business takes time, patience and planning.  This article is going to become a series of articles walking new photographers through several required steps to getting your photography business up and running.  What do you do first starting a photography business?  How much should you invest in camera equipment? What camera equipment is best to start out with?  What legal paperwork do you need for a photography business?  This article addresses these questions to help you get started today.  

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