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San Francisco

Photography has always been a passion of mine.  I have loved taking pictures since I was a kid and had my first camera.  I started with film like almost all middle age to older photographers and have come full circle today as I continue to shoot both digital and medium format film.  Today I spend almost all of my free time away from home traveling the United States and Europe.  

I started as a wedding photographer (and sports photographer) but have transformed over time to dedicate my time to landscape photography.  I still occasionally do weddings for special clients, typically destination weddings, but 98% of my time today is spent traveling and photographing.  My main complaint is not having enough hours in the day to dedicate to editing and social media.  After my most recent Europe trip (36 days straight) I have over 2,000 pictures still hiding in my computer somewhere.  This trip is roughly outlined on my blog but with many more posts to come.  I have also spent several weeks exploring Iceland which is the newest hottest destination for photographers and those checking off their bucket list.  If you want more information on Iceland, contact me and I would be happy to share my experiences. 

Beyond my travels, I run a photography business in California - featuring my photography that is printed, framed, and displayed in galleries. My work has been internationally published and awarded and I pride myself on bringing landscape photography the way I see it to my clients. I am a 100% self taught photographer who travels the world seeking out the best photography locations and share my tips and travel reviews on my blog. 

Photography Tips / Articles

Photography tips and articles helping photographers learn techniques for better pictures are plentiful on the web.  What makes this blog different is my photography tips are free and available.  I work to maintain one goal: to help photographers of all levels.  Wedding photographers should browse my tips for better portraits and contact me for individualized help as I have photographed multiple weddings including destination weddings, always seeking methods to make sure the bride is always happy. 

Starting A Photography Business: Part II

Jared Lawson

Starting a photography business is more than just filling out your local permits and creating a Facebook page, it requires a combination of photographic skill - marketing - and persistence.  This article takes off from the previous article covering how to start your business and takes you to the next step covering your initial steps towards a successful marketing campaign and driving new business.  

Starting a Photography Business: Social Media Marketing

Starting a Photography Business: Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

This article is Part II to Starting A Photography Business - your social media marketing is a huge part of spreading the word and gathering new clients.  Early on in your new business the best tip is for you to develop a social media marketing plan.  Where do you want to be in 3 months?  In 6 months?  In 12 months?  Those benchmarks are important to a successful social media marketing campaign.  The first step to consider is how many followers you feel will be successful in 3, 6, and 12 months.  A reasonable goal might be to set for 250 followers within 3 months.  During those 3 months focus on targeting a select audience, DO NOT buy followers and buy into spam campaigns.  Your photography business relies on an interactive audience - not a large group of spam followers who won't engage with your content.  

Besides followers, the next piece of your social media marketing plan should be your content and how you plan to release content and over what time periods.  You should be posting new content weekly at the minimum.  Remaining consistent (which is very difficult to keep up with) is key to maintaining high levels of engagement, and engagement=marketing.  

A final piece of your social media marketing plan should include your budget for advertising.  Advertising is an investment in your photography business and should be seen that way.  You can utilize all different social media platforms (Google, Twitter, Facebook, IG) but you want to focus your advertisements in one area starting out (unless you have major piles of cash to throw out there).  Facebook now thrives off of advertisements - but I personally still invest in Google adwords.  Facebook has never been my strength and is actually one of my least favorite social media sites.  Twitter also has paid advertising which can boost your profile.  I am not familiar enough with IG to discuss their advertising programs.  

Facebook, Twitter, IG, or Google+ - Or Does It Matter?

Similar to the Canon vs. Nikon debate - the new age debate among social media is Facebook, Twitter, IG or Google+ for photographers?  Each has its own quirks and I am definitely biased with my preference, but your new photography business should focus on which social media platform you are most familiar with and are most successful at.  There are professional photographers successful within each social media platform - but whatever you pick, be consistent and stick with it.  

My own personal preference is Google+ and Twitter.  My reasons for focusing on these two are because my audience base has always been with Twitter - even though it has been labeled a dying social media platform.  Within the past 6 months I have embraced Google+ and I will be honest...I like it.  I have experimented with Facebook and with IG and can say neither has produced much feedback with my photography.  Whereas, Google+ has been incredibly productive and engaging with my photography.  In fact, one of my first Google+ photography posts led to higher engagement levels and click-throughs to my site than my Facebook/IG accounts combined.  I can get over the forced square format in IG, I can even get over the extremely high amount of users who don't appreciate true photography - but my main gripe with IG is the extremely low amount of click-throughs and the inability to backlink posts.  That's an issue for me.  

Overall the key to picking a social media platform for your photography business is to focus on at least one social media group and be active within your communities.  The key to your photography business is building an active and engaging group of followers who you can share your photography with, get feedback and produce new leads.  

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