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San Francisco

Photography has always been a passion of mine.  I have loved taking pictures since I was a kid and had my first camera.  I started with film like almost all middle age to older photographers and have come full circle today as I continue to shoot both digital and medium format film.  Today I spend almost all of my free time away from home traveling the United States and Europe.  

I started as a wedding photographer (and sports photographer) but have transformed over time to dedicate my time to landscape photography.  I still occasionally do weddings for special clients, typically destination weddings, but 98% of my time today is spent traveling and photographing.  My main complaint is not having enough hours in the day to dedicate to editing and social media.  After my most recent Europe trip (36 days straight) I have over 2,000 pictures still hiding in my computer somewhere.  This trip is roughly outlined on my blog but with many more posts to come.  I have also spent several weeks exploring Iceland which is the newest hottest destination for photographers and those checking off their bucket list.  If you want more information on Iceland, contact me and I would be happy to share my experiences. 

Beyond my travels, I run a photography business in California - featuring my photography that is printed, framed, and displayed in galleries. My work has been internationally published and awarded and I pride myself on bringing landscape photography the way I see it to my clients. I am a 100% self taught photographer who travels the world seeking out the best photography locations and share my tips and travel reviews on my blog. 

Perugia Photography

Photography Tips / Articles

Photography tips and articles helping photographers learn techniques for better pictures are plentiful on the web.  What makes this blog different is my photography tips are free and available.  I work to maintain one goal: to help photographers of all levels.  Wedding photographers should browse my tips for better portraits and contact me for individualized help as I have photographed multiple weddings including destination weddings, always seeking methods to make sure the bride is always happy. 

Perugia Photography

Jared Lawson

Perugia Photography

One of the highlights of traveling through Tuscany is the opportunity to explore and photograph the towns along the way.  Perugia is one of the lesser visited towns in Tuscany, typically passed over by tourists and photographers.  I found my way to Perugia because I wanted the unique experience of staying in a former castle and booked two nights at Castello di Monterone.  During my stay in Perugia I made sure to intermix travel and landscape photography along the way. 

Overlooking the rooftops of Perugia, Italy

Overlooking the rooftops of Perugia, Italy

Perugia is located within the region of Umbria, Italy - located between Florence and Rome.  I had planned for a stop in Perugia because of its location as I passed through Tuscany.  Offering a convenient stopping location while also serving as a jumping off point to nearby Tuscan sites - Perugia became a quiet, comfortable stay.  Below is a picture of Castello di Monterone, and our room inside this former castle. 

Castello di Monterone, Perugia, Italy. 

Castello di Monterone, Perugia, Italy. 

Photography Opportunities

The best photography opportunities in Perugia are actually located outside the city throughout Umbria and the Tuscany region.  You can explore different classic villas and estates but be sure to rent a car to meet your needs.  While browsing the city of Perugia explore the old town city center - where I caught the photo above showing the classic architecture.  We were able to stay in Perugia during the annual Jazz festival, creating additional entertainment and food options beyond the normal day.  One nearby photo location is to head to Sant Antimo Abbey.  

Best Time to Visit

Look to travel through Umbria and Perugia during the late spring, early summer.  Tuscany is at its peak before the fields are cut for the summer harvest.  If you time it right you can capture the picturesque views of cypress trees surrounded by green fields.  However, if you are looking for sunflowers in full bloom you may want to plan your trip for the middle to end of summer.